Using alertover to send notification message for response failure

When I do interface automation, because the server instability causes possible use case failure, but this failure representation is only empty when acquiring the json object of the responding entity, which may cause trouble when checking the problem later. So I add a notification of the failure of acquiring the response, even if I know the server. Abnormal. The temporary use of free alertover, used for a long time, simple and reliable is its advantage, the follow-up will add a Wechat reminder. Share the code for your reference.

Here are the methods for obtaining json objects of response entities (ignoring some encapsulation methods):

     * Getting response entities
     * <p>Cookies are automatically set, but each project needs to implement cookie management on its own.</p>
     * <p>This method only deals with text information. For file processing, two expired methods can be invoked to solve the problem.</p>
     * @param request Request object
     * @return Returns an object of type json
    public static JSONObject getHttpResponse(HttpRequestBase request) {
        if (!isRightRequest(request)) return new JSONObject();
        JSONObject res = new JSONObject();
        RequestInfo requestInfo = new RequestInfo(request);
        if (HEADER_KEY) output("===========request header===========", Arrays.asList(request.getAllHeaders()));
        long start = Time.getTimeStamp();
        try (CloseableHttpResponse response = ClientManage.httpsClient.execute(request)) {
            long end = Time.getTimeStamp();
            long elapsed_time = end - start;
            if (HEADER_KEY) output("===========response header===========", Arrays.asList(response.getAllHeaders()));
            int status = getStatus(response, res);
            JSONObject setCookies = afterResponse(response);
            String content = getContent(response);
            int data_size = content.length();
            res.putAll(getJsonResponse(content, setCookies));
            int code = iBase == null ? -2 : iBase.checkCode(res, requestInfo);
            if (!iBase.isRight(res))
                new AlertOver("Response status code error:" + status, "State code error:" + status, requestInfo.getUrl(), requestInfo).sendSystemMessage();
            MySqlTest.saveApiTestDate(requestInfo, data_size, elapsed_time, status, getMark(), code, LOCAL_IP, COMPUTER_USER_NAME);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            logger.warn("The acquisition request failed accordingly!", e);
            if (!SysInit.isBlack(requestInfo.getHost()))
                new AlertOver("Interface request failed", requestInfo.toString(), requestInfo.getUrl(), requestInfo).sendSystemMessage();
        } finally {
            HEADER_KEY = false;
            if (!SysInit.isBlack(requestInfo.getHost())) {
                if (requests.size() > 9) requests.removeFirst();
                boolean add = requests.add(request);
        return res;

The following is the code for the alertover class, which is relatively simple:


import net.sf.json.JSONObject;
import org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpPost;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

public class AlertOver extends FanLibrary implements IMessage {

    private static Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(AlertOver.class);

    String title;

    String content;

    String murl;

    RequestInfo requestInfo;

    private static String system = "s-7e93ec02-1308-480c-bc11-a7260c14";//Systematic anomaly

    private static String function = "s-7e3b7ea5-b4b0-4479-a0e3-bce6c830";//Dysfunction

    private static String business = "s-466a191a-cbb8-4164-b8be-9779bb88";//Business exceptions

    private static String remind = "s-f49ac5bc-008b-4b11-890e-6715ef89";//Reminder push

    private static String code = "s-490d0fc6-35cc-4430-9f87-09cdeb05";//Program exception

    private static final String testGroup = "g-4eefc0ad-19af-4b1c-9d0b-ef87be15";

    public AlertOver() {
        this("test title", "test content!");

    public AlertOver(String title, String content) {
        this.title = title;
        this.content = content + LINE + "Sending source:" + COMPUTER_USER_NAME;

    public AlertOver(String title, String content, String url) {
        this(title, content);
        this.murl = url;

    public AlertOver(String title, String content, String url, RequestInfo requestInfo) {
        this(title, content);
        this.murl = url;
        this.requestInfo = requestInfo;

     * Sending system exception
    public void sendSystemMessage() {
        if (SysInit.isBlack(murl)) return;
        MySqlTest.saveAlertOverMessage(requestInfo, "system", title, LOCAL_IP, COMPUTER_USER_NAME);"Send system error alerts, title: {},ip: {},computer: {}", title, LOCAL_IP, COMPUTER_USER_NAME);

     * Sending dysfunction
    public void sendFunctionMessage() {

     * Send business exception
    public void sendBusinessMessage() {

     * Sender exception
    public void sendCodeMessage() {

     * Reminder push
    public void sendRemindMessage() {

     * send message
     * @return
    public void sendMessage(String source) {
        if (SysInit.isBlack(murl)) return;
        String url = "";
        String receiver = testGroup;//Test group ID
        JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject();// New json array
        jsonObject.put("frame", source);// Add send source id
        jsonObject.put("receiver", receiver);// Add receive group id
        jsonObject.put("content", content);// send content
        jsonObject.put("title", title);// Send title
        jsonObject.put("url", murl);// Send title
        jsonObject.put("sound", "pianobar");// Send voice
        logger.debug("Information details:{}", jsonObject.toString());
        HttpPost httpPost = getHttpPost(url, jsonObject);
        //Cancel sending

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