Unattended automatic installation system under xp

Unattended installation can greatly shorten the installation time of the system. I successfully tested in virtual machine.

Link file first https://files.cnblogs.com/files/sishenzaixian/%E8%87%AA%E5%8A%A8%E5%AE%89%E8%A3%85.zip.

Here, first go to the xp auto answer file -- unattend.txt

AutomaticUpdates="No" ;Automatic upgrade
UnattendedInstall="Yes" ;No answer

UnattendMode=FullUnattended ;Completely unanswered
UnattendSwitch="Yes" ;Skip the welcome screen
OemPreinstall="Yes" ;copy\platform\$oem$Contents in the folder
OemSkipEula="Yes" ;Skip end user agreement
WaitForReboot="No" ;Do not wait for restart
Hibernation="No" ;sleep

EncryptedAdminPassword="No" ;Encryption administrator password
AutoLogon="Yes" ;automatic logon
AdminPassword=* ;Administrator password *Empty
TimeZone=210 ;time zone
OEMSkipRegional=1 ;OEM Version skip registration
OemSkipWelcome=1 ;Skip the welcome after installation windows Animation)

OEAccess=Off ;Outlook Express
WMAccess=Off ;Windows Messenger
aspnet=Off ;Close asp.net
iis_asp=Off ;Close asp
iis_doc=On ;Open document
iis_common=On ;Open public file
iis_ftp=Off ;Close ftp
iis_inetmgr=On ;Open on the basis of mmc Management tools for
iis_smtp=Off ;Close smtp
iis_webdav=Off ;Close WebDAV
iis_www=On ;Open the World Wide Web
indexsrv_system=Off ;Turn off indexing service

ProductKey="DG8FV-B9TKY-FRT9J-6CRCC-XPQ4G" ;serial number
ComputerName=ABC ;Computer name
FullName="abc" ;Full computer name

LanguageGroup=10 ;Language group (10 is simplified Chinese group)
SystemLocale = 2052 ;Decimal simplified Chinese code
;UserLocale = "2052"
;UserLocale_DefaultUser = "2052"
;InputLocale = "2052"
;InputLocale_DefaultUser = "2052"
;Language=00000804 ;Specific language type


InstallDefaultComponents="Yes" ;Default network components

The explanations are basically clear enough. The most difficult problem is input method. See the following section for details:

LanguageGroup=10 ;Language group (10 is simplified Chinese group)
SystemLocale = 2052 ;Decimal simplified Chinese code
;UserLocale = "2052"
;UserLocale_DefaultUser = "2052"
;InputLocale = "2052"
;InputLocale_DefaultUser = "2052"
;Language=00000804 ;Specific language type

If you use SystemLocale, the following UserLocale, UserLocale ﹣ defaultuser, InputLocale, InputLocale ﹣ defaultuser will not be used. The last line of Language should not be used, or it will conflict with the above five lines, and the input method installation will be incomplete.

Other places use 0804 instead of 2052, but I have never succeeded. Later, I found the reason from the Microsoft Help file that decimal system was used.

The iis [doc] is missing from the help file, so you can't browse any documents with your local browser after installing iis. I also found out from the examples.

If the CD is installed automatically, the file name should be changed to WINNT.SIF and put into the i386 folder.

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Posted on Sun, 01 Dec 2019 20:43:42 -0800 by acannings