PowerShell audit Office365 mailbox operation log

In Office365, we can get messagetrace to track the records of mail sending and receiving, but for a specific mailbox, how to get the information of related operations, such as who deleted and moved some mail? In particular, some mailboxes may have access to many people, and then a certain email can not be found, how to track the operation log?

Microsoft officially provides a document and PowerShell for related operations.

param ([PARAMETER(Mandatory=$TRUE,ValueFromPipeline=$FALSE)]
  [string[]]$LogParameters = @('Operation', 'LogonUserDisplayName', 'LastAccessed', 'DestFolderPathName', 'FolderPathName', 'ClientInfoString', 'ClientIPAddress', 'ClientMachineName', 'ClientProcessName', 'ClientVersion', 'LogonType', 'MailboxResolvedOwnerName', 'OperationResult')
  END {
    if ($ReturnObject)
    {return $SearchResults}
    elseif ($SearchResults.count -gt 0)
    $Date = get-date -Format yyMMdd_HHmmss
    $OutFileName = "AuditLogResults$Date.csv"
    write-host -fore green 'Posting results to file: $OutfileName'
    $SearchResults | export-csv $OutFileName -notypeinformation -encoding UTF8
    write-host -fore green 'Searching Mailbox Audit Logs...'
    $SearchResults = @(search-mailboxAuditLog $Mailbox -StartDate $StartDate -EndDate $EndDate -LogonTypes Owner, Admin, Delegate -ShowDetails -resultsize 50000)
    write-host -fore green '$($SearchREsults.Count) Total entries Found'
    if (-not $IncludeFolderBind)
    write-host -fore green 'Removing FolderBind operations.'
    $SearchResults = @($SearchResults | ? {$_.Operation -notlike 'FolderBind'})
    write-host -fore green 'Filtered to $($SearchREsults.Count) Entries'
    $SearchResults = @($SearchResults | select ($LogParameters + @{Name='Subject';e={if (($_.SourceItems.Count -eq 0) -or ($_.SourceItems.Count -eq $null)){$_.ItemSubject} else {($_.SourceItems[0].SourceItemSubject).TrimStart(' ')}}},
    @{Name='CrossMailboxOp';e={if (@('SendAs','Create','Update') -contains $_.Operation) {'N/A'} else {$_.CrossMailboxOperation}}}))
    $LogParameters = @('Subject') + $LogParameters + @('CrossMailboxOp')
    If ($Subject -ne '' -and $Subject -ne $null)
    write-host -fore green 'Searching for Subject: $Subject'
    $SearchResults = @($SearchResults | ? {$_.Subject -match $Subject -or $_.Subject -eq $Subject})
    write-host -fore green 'Filtered to $($SearchREsults.Count) Entries'
    $SearchResults = @($SearchResults | select $LogParameters)

After execution, the corresponding Excel document will be automatically generated. It is clear who, when, from what client's IP address and what operations have been done

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Posted on Tue, 21 Apr 2020 07:23:36 -0700 by doni49