Docker series-10.docker installation fastdfs

One. Search fastdfs image

docker search fastdfs
[root@localhost home]# docker search fastdfs
NAME                             DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
season/fastdfs                   FastDFS                                         One One                   
luhuiguo/fastdfs                 FastDFS is an open source high performance...   6                    [OK]
hhland/fastdfs                                                                   5                    [OK]
lionheart/fastdfs-tracker        just have a try on autobuilded -_-#             3                    [OK]
imlzw/fastdfs-tracker            fastdfs Of tracker service                               Two                    [OK]
evan1120/fastdfs_storage         The fastdfs storage image                       1                    [OK]
imlzw/fastdfs-storage            fastdfs Of storage service                               1                    [OK]
lionheart/fastdfs_storage        the fastdfs file system's storage node          1                    
lionheart/fastdfs_client         test weather the fastdfs file system is okay    1                    
john123951/fastdfs_storage       fastdfs storage                                 1                    [OK]
lionheart/fastdfs_tracker        fastdfs file system's tracker node              1                    
lionheart/fastdfs-storage        More standardized Dockerfile´╝îIt can be built automatically.                        1                    [OK]
evan1120/fastdfs_tracker         The fastdfs tracker docker image, only con...   1                    [OK]
imlzw/fastdfs-storage-dht        fastdfs Of storage service,And integrated fastdht To realize file re arrangement        1                    [OK]
manuku/fastdfs-storage-dht       fastdfs storage dht                             0                    [OK]
john123951/fastdfs_tracker       fastdfs tracker                                 0                    [OK]
manuku/fastdfs-fastdht           fastdfs fastdht                                 0                    [OK]
tsl0922/fastdfs                 0                    [OK]
mypjb/fastdfs                    this is a fastdfs docker project                0                    [OK]
manuku/fastdfs-tracker           fastdfs tracker                                 0                    [OK]
lionheart/fastdfs                solve the fastdfs's dependence                  0                    
appcrash/fastdfs_nginx           fastdfs with nginx                              0                    
aa6835305/fastdfs_base           an base image of fastdfs from centos 7. Us...   0                    [OK]
morunchang/fastdfs               A FastDFS image                                 0                    
lionheart/fastdfs-storage-fdht   fastdfs storage with fastdht                    0                    [OK]

2. Download the fastdfs image. Select mypjb/fastdfs here

docker pull mypjb/fastdfs

Waiting for the download to complete
3. Create the host to save the fastdfs file directory

mkdir /home/fastdfs

4. Execute the command to run the fastdfs container
Replace the following [] with the ip address of your own machine

docker run --add-host --name fastdfs --net=host -e TRACKER_ENABLE=1 -e NGINX_PORT=81 -v /home/fastdfs:/storage/fastdfs -it mypjb/fastdfs

After running, it will enter the container automatically and enter [exit] to exit the container
5. Restart the fastdfs container

docker restart fastdfs

6. Open port 81

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=81/tcp --permanent;firewall-cmd --reload;

7. Test whether the installation is successful
Find a jpg file, rename it to [wKgByFmn1iGAUsF1AAL4cszpkW0032.jpg], upload it to the folder of [home/fastdfs/data/00/00], and enter:
If it can be opened, the installation is successful.

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