The correct advanced case of spring MVC is explained in detail. 60% of the people don't understand it


code implementation

Configuration of springMVC:

public class MVCConfiguration {

     * A view resolver is set up and handed over to spring management
     * @return
    public InternalResourceViewResolver getInternalResourceViewResolver(){
        InternalResourceViewResolver internalResourceViewResolver = new InternalResourceViewResolver();
        //Set prefix
        //Set suffix
        return internalResourceViewResolver;



    public String run5(){
//        return "/demo5.jsp";
        //The view parser will automatically complete as follows:/ demo5.jsp
        return "demo5";

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View resolver: the return value of the controller will pass through the view resolver to automatically complete the prefix and suffix.



2, Utility 2: bypass view parser

code implementation


    public String run6(){
        //Bypass view parser mode 1: redirection
//        return "redirect:/demo6.html";
        //Bypass view parser mode 2: full version request forwarding
        return "forward:/demo6.html";



Bypass the view parser:

Redirect: return "redirect: / path";

Full version request forwarding: return "forward: / path";



3, Knowledge point: return value of Controller method

Return string

Three types:

Use the view parser (request forwarding): return "resource name";

Bypass view Parser - request forwarding: return "forward: / path";

Bypass view resolver - redirect: return "redirect: / path";


Return to modelandview (spring MVC specific)

    * Need to jump to demo5.jsp ModelAndView on
    * */
    public ModelAndView run7(){
        ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView();
        //Setting the request scope pass parameter is equivalent to request.setAttribute
        //Set jump path
        mav.setViewName("demo5");//Using view resolver, request forwarding
//        mav.setViewName("forward:/demo5.jsp "); / / bypass the view parser and request forwarding
//        mav.setViewName("redirect:/demo5.jsp "); / / bypass the view parser and redirect
        return mav;


ModelAndView: Spring MVC is specifically used to encapsulate scope data and jump to pages




4, Knowledge points: @ RequestMapping

Narrow request path

@RequestMapping is placed above the class name to set the request prefix

@RequestMapping is placed above the method name, and the corresponding request path of the method is set.

Full request: prefix + request path


Multipath mapping

*   /Project name / d1/run8.action
*   /Project name / d1/8run.action
*   /Project name / d1/run88.action
* */
@RequestMapping(value = {"/run8","/8run","/run88"})
public String run8(){
    return "index";



Request mode limit

By default, the request method is not limited, and can be accessed by get/post or other methods


    Request mode of this method, only POST mode is allowed
* */
@RequestMapping(value = {"/run9"},method = {RequestMethod.POST})
public String run9(){
    return "index";




Today's summary:

View parser:

After controller execution, prefixes and suffixes are completed for the controller.


Return value of Controller method:


Use the view parser: return "demo1";

Bypass the view parser:

Request forwarding: return "forward:/demo1.jsp ”;

Redirect: return "redirect:/demo1.jsp ”;


ModelAndView: encapsulate request data, jump to page

addObject(); save key value pairs to the request scope

setViewName(); sets the jump path.


@RequestMapping: set the access path for the method / class.



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