ESP8266 development tour application part ⑦ simple version online access to new coronavirus in specific provinces

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1. Preface

In this article, the blogger will teach you how to achieve a simple version of the epidemic situation in the province.
Picture of the & ENSP function, as follows:

Conditional students can build a web server HTML page to display or use OLED to display

1.1 knowledge reserve

This article needs to use the following knowledge points:

  • Applied to ArduinoJson V5 library, github portal , please download the library and put it into the Arduino installation directory (for direct use here, the blogger plans to explain the library in detail later, please look forward to it);
  • For application to TCP Client, please refer to ESP8266 development tour network chapter ⑦ TCP server & TCP Client
  • For the application of STA mode, please refer to ESP8266 development tour network chapter ④ Station - use of esp8266wifi STA Library
  • For the application of one key distribution network function, please refer to ESP8266 development tour network ⑧ SmartConfig - one key distribution network

2. Interface description

3. 8266 code

* Date: February 9, 2019
* Function: Wuhan refueling China refueling
* Author: single chip rookie
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ArduinoJson.h>

#define LED D4
#define DEBUG //Whether to enable the debug function

#ifdef DEBUG
#define DebugPrintln(message)    Serial.println(message)
#define DebugPrintln(message)

#ifdef DEBUG
#define DebugPrint(message)    Serial.print(message)
#define DebugPrint(message)

//Declarative method
bool autoConfig();
void smartConfig();
bool sendRequest(const char* host, const char* cityid, const char* apiKey);
bool skipResponseHeaders();
void readReponseContent(char* content, size_t maxSize);
void stopConnect();
void clrEsp8266ResponseBuffer(void);
bool parseUserData(char* content, struct UserData* userData);
const unsigned long BAUD_RATE = 115200;// serial connection speed
const unsigned long HTTP_TIMEOUT = 5000;               // max respone time from server
const size_t MAX_CONTENT_SIZE = 3000;                   // max size of the HTTP response
const char* host = "";
const char* provice = "Guangdong Province";

int flag = HIGH;//Default current off
WiFiClient client;
char response[MAX_CONTENT_SIZE];
char endOfHeaders[] = "\r\n\r\n";

long lastTime = 0;
// Request service interval
long Delay = 20000;
// Epidemic data variables
int confirmedCount;
int suspectedCount;
int curedCount;
int deadCount;

* @Desc Initialize operation
void setup() {
  digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);

    DebugPrint("Connecting to WiFi");//Write a few hints, ha ha
    while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
    //This function is the wifi connection status and returns the wifi connection status
  digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
  DebugPrintln("IP address: ");
  DebugPrintln(WiFi.localIP());//WiFi.localIP() returns the ip address obtained by 8266
  lastTime = millis();
  //Trigger interval of enable software watchdog
* @Desc  Main function
void loop() {
  while (!client.connected()){
     if (!client.connect(host, 80)){
         flag = !flag;
         digitalWrite(LED, flag);
         //feed a dog

   //Call every 20s or so
     lastTime = millis();
     if (sendRequest() && skipResponseHeaders()) {
       readReponseContent(response, sizeof(response));
       if (parseUserData(response)) {
   //feed a dog

* Automatically enter SmartConfig mode after 20 seconds of automatic connection
bool autoConfig(){
  WiFi.mode(WIFI_AP_STA);     //Set esp8266 working mode
  delay(2000);//When the module is just started, the delay will be stable
  DebugPrintln("AutoConfiging ......");
  for(int index=0;index<10;index++){
    int wstatus = WiFi.status();
    if (wstatus == WL_CONNECTED){
      DebugPrintln("AutoConfig Success");
      return true;
      flag = !flag;
      digitalWrite(LED, flag);
  DebugPrintln("AutoConfig Faild!");
  return false;

* Turn on SmartConfig
void smartConfig()
  DebugPrintln("Wait for Smartconfig");
  // Waiting for distribution network
  while (1){
    flag = !flag;
    digitalWrite(LED, flag);
    if (WiFi.smartConfigDone()){
      //smartconfig configuration complete
      DebugPrintln("SmartConfig Success");
      WiFi.mode(WIFI_AP_STA);     //Set esp8266 working mode
      WiFi.setAutoConnect(true);  // Set up automatic connection

* @Send request instruction
bool sendRequest() {
  // We now create a URI for the request
  //Knowing weather
  String GetUrl = "/nCoV/api/area";
  GetUrl += "?latest=1";
  GetUrl += "&province=";
  GetUrl += provice;
  // This will send the request to the server
  client.print(String("GET ") + GetUrl + " HTTP/1.1\r\n" +
               "Host: " + host + "\r\n" +
               "Connection: close\r\n\r\n");
  return true;
* @Desc Skip the HTTP header so that we are at the beginning of the response body
bool skipResponseHeaders() {
  // HTTP headers end with an empty line
  bool ok = client.find(endOfHeaders);
  if (!ok) {
    DebugPrintln("No response or invalid response!");
  return ok;
* @Desc Read body from HTTP server response
void readReponseContent(char* content, size_t maxSize) {
  size_t length = client.readBytes(content, maxSize);
  content[length] = 0;
  client.flush();//This code needs to be added otherwise it will be found that client.find will fail every other time
// Close connection to HTTP server
void stopConnect() {
void clrEsp8266ResponseBuffer(void){
    memset(response, 0, MAX_CONTENT_SIZE);      //empty

bool parseUserData(char* content) {
//    --Calculate the optimal size of JSON buffer according to the data we need to parse
//   If you use StaticJsonBuffer
//    const size_t BUFFER_SIZE = 1024;
//   Allocate a temporary memory pool on the stack
//    StaticJsonBuffer<BUFFER_SIZE> jsonBuffer;
//    --If the memory pool of the stack is too large, use DynamicJsonBuffer jsonBuffer instead
  DynamicJsonBuffer jsonBuffer;
  JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.parseObject(content);
  if (!root.success()) {
    Serial.println("JSON parsing failed!");
    return false;

  // --------Corresponding provincial data-----------
  JsonObject& provinces = root["results"][0];
  const char* country = provinces["country"]; // "China"
  const char* provinceName = provinces["provinceName"]; // Province
  confirmedCount = provinces["confirmedCount"];
  suspectedCount = provinces["suspectedCount"];
  curedCount = provinces["curedCount"];
  deadCount = provinces["deadCount"];
  // --------Serial port printing real-time epidemic information-----------
  Serial.printf("%s Real time data of new pneumonia",provice);

  Serial.printf("Diagnosis:%d | Doubtful:%d | Cure:%d | Death:%d",confirmedCount,suspectedCount,curedCount,deadCount);
  // -------- cities -----------
  JsonArray& cities = provinces["cities"];

  for( int index = 0; index < cities.size(); index ++){
    JsonObject& ciry = cities[index];
    const char* cityName = ciry["cityName"]; // "Ningbo"
    confirmedCount = ciry["confirmedCount"];
    suspectedCount = ciry["suspectedCount"];
    curedCount = ciry["curedCount"];
    deadCount = ciry["deadCount"];
    Serial.printf("%s | Diagnosis:%d | Doubtful:%d | Cure:%d | Death:%d",cityName,confirmedCount,suspectedCount,curedCount,deadCount);
  return true;

4. summary

Come on Wuhan, come on China, the epidemic will end as soon as possible.

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