19c gipcd start faild Permission denied (13)

Database version: 19.6
Operating system: aix 7100-00-02-1041 (this version is lower than the official recommendation, at least 7105)

After the patch is completed, the manual reboot test of the two nodes is normal. Due to the abnormal heartbeat, one node is rebooted, and the node cannot join the cluster. Check that the log card is at the location of gipcd, and the status of ora.gipcd is offline. gipcd.trc is as follows:

2020-04-20 23:20:13.405 :   GIPCD:1:  gipcd_CLSDMInit: clsdm inited
2020-04-20 23:20:13.405 : GIPCLIB:1:  gipclibGetClusterGuid: retrieved cluster guid eef49bef2b357f91bf96615856fb6788
2020-04-20 23:20:13.405 : GIPCLIB:1:  gipclibGetClusterGuid: retrieved cluster guid eef49bef2b357f91bf96615856fb6788
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCDCLT:1:  gipcdMain: acquired exclusive lock on existing map smem://wcdb1_gipcd1318_eef49bef2b357f91bf96615856fb6788
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCDCLT:1:  gipcdMain: It is fresh start, creating brand new shared memory
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCXCPT:1:  gipcmodSharedSegCreate: failed create smem 111b44030 [00000000000003e5] { gipcMemory : name 'smem://wddb1_gipcd1318_eef49bef2b357f91bf96615856fb6788', len 0, objFlags 0x0 }, name 'wddb1_gipcd1318_eef49bef2b357f91bf96615856fb6788-0000000000', len 10485976
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCXCPT:1:  gipcmodSharedSegCreate: slos op  :  sgipcCreateSharedMemory
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCXCPT:1:  gipcmodSharedSegCreate: slos dep :  Permission denied (13)
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCXCPT:1:  gipcmodSharedSegCreate: slos loc :  unlink
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCXCPT:1:  gipcmodSharedSegCreate: slos info:  failed to cleanup map permission on map = %lo (octal)
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :GIPCDCLT:1:  gipcdMain: Failed to create new gipcMemory() 1
2020-04-20 23:20:13.406 :   GIPCD:1286:  gipcd_CheckCB: GIPC Daemon is NOT yet READY for business ...
2020-04-20 23:20:13.407 :   GIPCD:1:  gipcdMain: All threads terminated
2020-04-20 23:20:13.407 :   GIPCD:1:  gipcdMain: GIPCD terminated

According to MOS: gipcd failures to start in 12.1 Oracle clusterware (DOC ID 2123578.1), the exception may be related to / etc/oracle/maps permission. But the Japanese dog's point is: the authority is inconsistent with the official one, but the two directories of the cluster members are consistent... As a result, I didn't pay attention to the issue of authority, and I struggled for a long time...

The final result is still the issue of permissions. You need to modify / etc/oracle/maps to 1775. Under linux platform, the default permission is 1777.

Another way to do this is to do the deconfig node, but it will take at least two times to find the reason...

Tags: Big Data Oracle Database Permission denied Linux

Posted on Fri, 24 Apr 2020 08:04:43 -0700 by kneifelspy